What I Bought In Disney World 2017

To say the least, I am obsessed with Disney merchandise. I think having touches of Disney magic at home is just what I need to remind me of my favorite place on Earth and all the wonderful memories I have collected there. I watch hours of YouTube videos where people share what they bought on their Disney trips, so I decided this would be perfect for my blog!

My favorite drink of all Walt Disney World is Le Fou’s Brew. After 17 trips to Disney, you would think that I would be over the hundreds of souvenir items the parks have to offer, but I am just getting into them. Ever since Gaston’s Tavern opened, I fell in love with this drink, so the souvenir mug was a must. Gaston and Lu Fou are pictured on the mug looking handsome as ever.tr

In addition to suvinors, Disney World is known for pin trading. There are thousands of themed pins that depict characters, parks, rides, hotels, and special events. I used to be an avid pin collector who carried around 3 full lanyards at a time. Since I am sure that pin collecting will be around for many more years to come, I thought this trip was the perfect time to begin my collection again. I purchased a vintage Magic Kingdom ticket book. Before key cards and Magic Bands, Disney World used ticket books with A-E tickets in them that you would present to the cast members to get on attractions. I am fascinated by vintage Disney and the original ideas and designs Walt had for the park. I love this pin and the magic behind it very much.


The next 2 items I purchased were from a store called UNIQLO that is located in Disney Springs. This store is the hidden gem inside Disney property that sells Disney themed apparel for a very discounted price. I picked up a navy blue Tinker Bell t-shirt and a Mickey Mouse sweater. There is a unique, old school vibe to these items that I absolutely fell in love with. I love buying Disney sweaters so I can wear them in the cold Buffalo weather. Wearing the clothes I purchase at Disney at home reminds me of the trip I bought them on and brings back memories I made.

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When my friend Gab and I were in Magic Kingdom, we wanted to get badges to celebrate the reason behind our day at the park. We had a cast member write “friendship” on ours, with cute little Mickey ears as the dots on the I’s. Having these on created such a magical experience because many cast members asked why we were celebrating and some questions about how we met and where we are from. It truly puts a smile on your face when Disney workers go out of their way to spark up a conversation with you and make sure you’re having a great day.


The next thing I purchased was a mug from The World of Disney in Disney Springs. It is so creative how the park icons and some main symbols are sketched out on this mug. I was looking to buy a mug because I am trying to drink a cup of green tea every night before bed , and this will definitely influence me to accomplish that.


Along with green tea, I am striving to drink a gallon of water throughout the day. I am not a big fan of water, but using Mickey Shaped ice cubes will make me smile. The ice cubes come in red, orange, green, and yellow. I put them in my freezer and pop them in my water bottle when I am ready to drink! Anything thing Mickey shaped makes for a happy Tia.


I absolutely love shopping in Walt Disney World and collecting items that will remind me of the magical memories made on each trip. Disney has so much to offer and the merchandise is yet another element that adds to your vacation. Just a quick tip: the Shop Disney Parks app has all of the merchandise they sell in the parks available at the palm of your hand and can be sent straight to your door step!

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things” – Walt Disney

All the love xoxo



One thought on “What I Bought In Disney World 2017

  1. Lisa Piotrowski says:

    I loved UNIQLO so much that I came home and ordered more on line! You can never have enough Disney and at that price there’s no excuse not too!

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