Twas’ the Night Before Disney…

The night before a trip to Walt Disney World is equivalent to how a kid feels on Christmas Eve. Despite how many trips I take to my magical home, the butterflies still come alive when I imagine myself passing though the main entrance gate to the happiest place on Earth. The trip I am embarking on tomorrow is probably the most unique one out of the 17 times I have visited Disney World. My family and I drive the long 20 hours to Disney every year, but this time I am flying to Orlando. This will be my first solo travel experience so there is a lot more to plan and prepare ahead of time. I am meeting up with my cousins, aunts, uncle, and grandma once I am on Disney property and I can not wait. Because of how arrangements worked out, I am staying in 3 different hotels in 7 days; a one night stay at All Star Movies,  2 nights at the Beach Club, and 4 nights at the Polynesian. Transferring my luggage and ticket multiple times is going to be stressful, but hearing the words “welcome home” will make it all worth it.

If it is your first trip, or your 100th, there always seems to be a million last minute things to get finalized before you leave. Since I have never flown into the Orlando International Airport, I am not very familiar with the Disney’s Magical Express service I will be taking. Gathering all the information the night before for your flight, hotel, and transportation to WDW is essential. Making sure everything is prepared will lead to a smoother travel day.


If you are taking the Magical Express, you will receive a luggage tag that has your name, hotel, and hotel area printed out on it. This tag must be on your luggage so that it does not get mixed up and sent to the wrong hotel room.


Your carry on bag needs to be full of the most important items you are taking on your trip, just in case your luggage gets lost. In my carry on bag I included my printed out Magical Express check in, my hotel check in information, my park ticket confirmation, my My Disney Experience log in, headphones, a portable charger, and my wallet. Also be sure to plan your outfit for the day. I am wearing a comfortable hoodie, leggings, and a baseball cap.


Although we all hope to not splurge the second we see something in the parks we probably don’t need, it is going to happen. Having your budget planned out will give you an idea on how much to bring. Today I sat down and organized my Disney gift cards and separated how much I will be spending on food and merchandise.


To end a busy day of planning and last minute packing, I love to watch a Disney movie to get myself even more in the Disney spirit. Tonight I am watching Beauty and the Beast since I know the parks will be full of Beauty and the Beast themed items due to the new version of the film coming out in March.

Falling asleep the night before Disney is nearly impossible. Your excitement is at its peak because the trip you have been planning for so long is finally here!!!! My trip as been the only thing on my mind all week. Disney fills my heart and brings out the best of me. I am looking forward to spending quality time with my family in the place that makes us the happiest.

All the love xoxo



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